Exclusive Last Video Message of the Burhan Wani shaheed

Exclusive Video Footage of Last message of the Burhan Wani shaheed Online Live News#IamBurhan Burhan Wani taken to his grave wrapped in a Pakistani flag. This is the Kashmiri love for Pakistan.

He is Burhan Wani shaheed, a true Mujahid loved by his people in Kashmir and in Pakistan. Listen to him. He represents the true spirit of a Muslim freedom fighter..

Fighting to establish the divine system of Khilafat, with highest moral values of not targeting unarmed women and children, fighting for a just cause to protect the honor and faith of his people against an oppressive Hindu Zionist force.

His actions and intentions are exactly opposite to the TTP khawarij who wage wars against Muslims and Pakistan on the orders of Mushriks.

You can see the now these Mujahideen are better equipped, better armed, better trained and now a nightmare for the Mushrik army…

He was deadly while fighting, deadlier while shaheed… his martyrdom has ignited the valley out of control for the Mushriks… Allahu Akbar..

Burhan is still fighting from the other side…



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