How to Rank Your Article For More Than 1 Keywords

How to Rank Your Article For More Than 1 Keywords. This trend hasn’t changed in many of the people especially who have entered in the SEO world recently. They just look for a keyword, then rank the same keyword. Just try to understand the people how they search for many queries for the given keyword. Try to understand the intent of the keyword being written into the search box of Google. Optimize for many keywords. An article of 3000 words can be optimized for dozens of keywords. Just try to think out of the box.You can make of Google Suggestion, Google Related Searches to see more keywords. You can use other tools too like Ubbersuggest, Google Keyword Planner or Google Trends. Then target your article those related keywords in your article. You can use LSI keywords(related keywords) in your sub-headings to make more user experience – not seen as spammy – keyword stuffing.
The main purpose of this episode is to optimize your articles for many more keywords. Visit Moz Blog, Backlinko, and other sites and check how do they do the same thing in their articles as I wrote above.


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