JUIF’s Hafiz Hamdullah exposed again! Verbally abuses female rights activist during talk show

KARACHI: The Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Fazl (JUIF) senator Hafiz Hamdullah verbally abused a female analyst and rights activist Marvi Sirmed during a television show on Friday.

A reprehensible incident happened on private tv channel News One’s program Nadia Mirza Show when senator Hamdullah got furious in between a debate on recent honor killings in Pakistan.

It all started with a comment of Barrister Masroor, a panelist in the programme, over unresponsiveness of the Council Of Islamic Ideology on these honor killings. His words ‘pee k soey hue hain’ (sleeping after getting intoxicated) enraged Hamdullah. And when Marvi Sirmed started his comment saying, “I agree with masrood sahib to the extent that..”, the senator cut her saying, “I won’t allow you to speak if you are supporting his words”.

The argument between Hamdullah and Sirmed resulted in exchange of hot words between them. The reprehensible language was omitted from the transmission. However, in a Facebook post Sirmed revealed those disgraceful words that the law maker spoke to her in the show. She also accused that Hamdullah tried to physically attack her but failed as the panelist Fayaz ul Hassan Chauhan intervened.


The politicians, law makers and media representatives condemned this incident.

Earlier, Hafiz Hamdullah had used abusive language against a female anchor during a television show on Abb Takk. He verbally abused the show host who according to him was misrepresenting clergy’s views on violence against women.

You can watch the video of that program here:



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