Offer for Limited time On-Page SEO Analyses GiveAway!

On-Page SEO Analyses GiveAway! Offer for Limited time,

Can I rank? Do you want to know that why you are not ranking in top 10? How about I tell you your weakness in on-page along compare with your competitors! Side by side, just comment below your URL/page link and the keywords you want to get these pages on top in the Google SERP’s and your competitor website (optional)

Note: Each person can only give 3 URL’s maximum along with each competitor (as you are targeting different keywords so might be your competitor for that keywords are change)

On Page SEO: Placement:

There are multiple aspects to on page SEO
I like to think of it as “Shaping Your Content Around Your Keywords” keep these components in mind,
Links (Internal and Outbound)
Heading Tags
Loading Speed
All these components (and more) make up on page SEO.
It’s all about putting them together in a cohesive piece of content;
Placement, Placement, Placement. It’s like real estate but it’s not 🙂
Meaning the content is aesthetically pleasing, well written and clear. It’s easy to forget about the main lesson we went over at the beginning of these lectures… WE ARE WRITING FOR HUMANS.
If you mash a bunch of keywords together, people can sense that something is off­, so they leave in seconds! That affects your bounce rate



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