Sartaj Aziz said we can’t overcome terrorism


Special Advisor on foreign affairs, Sartaj Aziz said, construction of gate on Torkhum Border could not be stopped. Pakistan is not involved in the violation of any agreement. He said that construction of gate is being done in the territory of Pakistan, therefore, there is no need for asking permission from anybody. Terrorism could not be stopped unless Border Management System is enforced.

In an interview to a foreign media, he said the gate on Torkhum border is being made within the boundaries of Pakistan, and not doing any violation of the bilateral agreement. Because the gate is being constructed in the zone of Pakistan ,so we do not need a permission of anybody and no need to halt construction.

He said that on entrance from Torkhum border people of Afghanistan are happy and to follow the documentation to enter and exit at the border is in the interest of both countries.

He elaborated that without enforcement of Border Management System , we can’t overcome terrorism. He clearly said in the case of any strike on us from any country we will retaliate aggressively.


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