Shab e Barat Ki Fazilat, Duaen Nawafil in Urdu

Shabaan is one of the blessed months in Islamic diary. Hazrat Muhammd SAW said that this is My Month and Holy prophet extra fast in this month than in any other month above and beyond Ramadaan ul Mubrik. You can read and see the ibadat of shab e barat from here with proper way of ibadat in shab e barat, shab e barat ki ibadat ka tareeka, shab e barat ki importance aur shab e barat k nawafil can be seen from here right now. If you are willing to offer a special pray for forgiveness of all bad deeds then this night is best option for you.Shab e Barat HD Wallpapers 2016 9 Shab e Barat HD Wallpapers & Nawafil 2016 Shab e Barat ke Nawafil inn urdu Shab e Barat ke Fazilaat our Ibadaat 5

Shab e Barat ke Fazilaat our Ibadaat 4


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