Top 5 Reasons To Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 7

So the marketplace proper now has the galaxy s7 s7 edge or even an active of you are on AT&T and now you’ve got the galaxy note 7 sure there are a ton of similarities .now let’s talk approximately our top five reasons we propose you purchase the galaxy note 7 instead.

Top 5 Reasons To Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Number 5 is the reality that it is nonetheless the great phablet you can purchase the notes started out the market. the note is still the pleasant choice accessible the largest trouble with phablets is that you’re literally just buying the smartphone with a larger show that display doesn’t simply serve a purpose the Galaxy Note ever due to the fact its inception had the idea of providing you with a productivity device.
Not all people desires that productivity however the advantage is that you have it honest that it’s to be had to you and that it may be beneficial to you sooner or later the word offers specific functions like being able to sign PDFs at the cross things which you simply can not get with different galaxies gadgets. that in particular is considered one of the biggest reasons range for that maximum precise feature is the S Pen sure you do not want it. Sure you may stay with out it but it’s usually brilliant to have it Samsung has executed loads with this new S Pen it is now greater ergonomic the end is better you can without a doubt feel like if you’re using with a marker on a bit of paper that is exceptional . It’s now a translator if you wanted a circuit mouse when you want it yes you can write at the show as properly and in case you reflect on consideration on it have you ever ever attempted to apply a display each time it is moist.

I realize it’s pretty much impossible but inside the case of the galaxy word 7. you could use the S Pen so it truly is even more power to it. number 3 speaking of the individuality of the S Pen is the new usually on show the most important hassle with the Galaxy devices. is that they offer the maximum beautiful and less functional continually on show in the market now not the case with the note 7. you may absolutely use the notes that you write with the S Pen to be available to you at the constantly-on display think. that you wrote a phone number right now you quickly wanted a glance or whatever list of things you want to do during the day.

It’s extremely beneficial i love that feature lots and that i recognize that i might be looking again to it now and again. I think that it is something that honestly affords extra functionality than just the reality which you’re getting the time every now and number two. the feature that we believe turned into going to be a gimmick and actually isn’t think about the iris scanner think about the iris scanner is no you don’t want it. however it’s always cool to have while will you want it nicely of you’re wearing gloves because it’s cold it’s always cool to unlock your phone with your face.

In case you’re in a pool and your hands are with that fingerprint scanner isn’t constantly going to work nor will the display but pay the iris scanner will it provides that added functionality and Samsung definitely wants to push this in further. The company wants to use this for mobile banking. The company changed into to apply this for authentication and everything it truly is provided through Samsung Knox. you have got the benefit they also can lock specific features of the cellphone and you are sure that it might not be unlocked by the fingerprint which you probably let your children.

Add on your cellphone it will only be available to you which ones is also very cool and finally the top number cause why we would suggest you consider this galaxy be note 7. over each other galaxies accessible are smart phone for that matter is because it’ll be the most future-proof galaxy out there whether you like it or not Samsung galaxy lineup has been the best smartphone lineup of the 12 months. we’ve proven reviews got the best cameras. The quality the whole thing but also because you’re paying the most cash for this phone it will probably be the first one to receive android 7  .  it will also be the First phone with us bc from Samsung’s so peripherals with USB type-c will work on this phone simplest range 3 and most vital to consider it.

the only other phone that really compete with the galaxy note 7 is the galaxy s7 edge and all the edge features reported to this phone so it really doesn’t serve a purpose to not invest a little more money in the galaxy note 7 if you’re getting everything but that leads me to the question of this top five are you going for the galaxy note 7 or not and if not why we love to know your opinion in the comments down below and also if you’d like to know the top five reasons let us know in the comments down below.


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